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"Madezi" publications were originally written as a guide for internet beginners who needed some solid internet business information to help them through the stages of starting an onlie business  - but to our surprise, several existing struggling webmasters are using our publications to increase their business knowledge too!

"Madezi " publications are committed  to the subject in hand - what you read in the title is what you get in the book!  

There are No "personal" stories padding out our books, No "double line spacing,  or extra large print to give an impression of "more pages for your buck" - and  No hype, sensationalism or false promises!   

What you can expect is ...

Solid up-to-date online business information for building an internet business from the very conception of an idea through to success.
FREE updates for life to ensure your information remains current.
Multiple media choice on most publications i.e. ebook, CD or hard copy (worldwide shipping)
International  language choice available on request (most languages covered)
60 day Unconditional Guarantee on purchases
Distribution Rights on all Free Reports
Lifetime Advertising Rights on selected products
FREE Affiliate Program (you can even earn commission on your own purchases!)


Everything's always so much easier when you've gained the knowledge ... 
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