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Before starting an Affiliate  business - make sure you've got the knowledge!


A Guide for the Beginner .... 

or for anyone
not making money  from their Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Madezi

Whether you're new to Affiliate Marketing or still struggling to make your first dime - there's something 
for everyone in this ebook ...

Affiliate Marketing Madezi
Audio Version

The eBook that can talk to you! 

Are You Just Starting Out Promoting Affiliate Programs?
Are You Struggling to Make Money from Your Existing Affiliate Programs?
Are You Fed up With All the Hype and Empty Promises of Riches?
Are You Tired of Being Told 'What You Should Do ....'  - but Still Not Shown 'How'?
Are You Eager to Discover More About Affiliate Programs and How They Work?

 If you answered 'Yes' to only one of these questions - 
                                        you need to get
Affiliate Marketing Madezi right away 

OK - I hear you! - why should you trust me and buy this book - after all, you've probably spent money buying loads of other information which has turned out to be absolute rubbish - why should this book be any better?

Affiliate Marketing Madezi 

Gives you the latest, updated information on Affiliate Marketing
Is written with the absolute beginner in mind
Gives you a choice
Is straight to the point and easy to understand
Not only tells you what should be done, it also explains 'how' and 'why'!
Will never be out of date - you buy it once - and we send you Free Unlimited Upgrades for life!
Can be purchased through our own Affiliate Program or through Clickbank - and you can even receive commission on your own purchases!

Now - I bet you're thinking - that's all very well, but to get all of that, it's going to cost me an arm and a leg ...

... and I'm going to tell you -
You're Wrong!!


There are several ebooks that contain quality information that are regularly selling for $97 and over! - truthfully! - and I'm not going to pretend that 
Affiliate Marketing Madezi  is worth any less -  I'm just asking for less!.

- What's the catch?
  - there isn't one - truly -  it's like this ...

I  remember when I first started out! - I had very little "spare money"  - (in fact, to be totally honest,  I had NO spare money!)

As time went on I became a little "braver" with what little cash I'd got - there's no getting away from it -
you DO have to speculate to accumulate!  

nfortunately, I did quite a bit of "speculating" in the wrong affiliate programs, bought some thoroughly useless ebooks and purchased some very dodgy "advice at a price!" - one thing I really accumulated through all of this was a whole load of skepticism! -  (sounds familiar?)  - but you know - it wasn't all doom and gloom because ...

... I also gained something very valuable  -  
knowledge and experience!

The upshot of my "misfortune" - (really just bad choices on my behalf, misled by clever marketing, hype and lack of solid information) is that I am now in an excellent position to help YOU to avoid the route that I took - after all, I've made all the mistakes already - why would you want to do the same thing?
That's why I've written a series of books aimed at beginners and those who are struggling to make their first dime - (
'Affiliate Marketing Madezi'  is just one of the books in the series) - and that's also why I'm not charging $97   in fact it won't even cost you half that price!  ....

... but before I tell you the silly amount that I'm asking,  I want you to be very clear about what you're getting: 

Affiliate Marketing Madezi

Teaches you how Affiliate Programs work 
Covers different Affiliate Marketing Techniques
Explains what NOT to do
Shows what is needed to create a steady flow of checks
Tells you ways to promote your Affiliate business
Explains the key to successful Affiliate Marketing
Gives you the latest information on Affiliate Marketing
Has built in audio so you can listen while working
Provides Free updates for life as new methods emerge
Offers you access to our free Affiliate Program 
Gives you a Free Secret Bonus! 

One last thing - Affiliate Marketing Madezi  is NOT written in large print with double line spacing! - it's packed full of solid information and all you pay is $97  $57  $37  - and that's with a

100%   Unconditional GUARANTEE 
 Valid for 60 days!

If you learn nothing at all from this ebook - you not only get every cent of your money back  - you also get to retain the secret bonus that's inside forever! 
and no questions asked!

As with all our publications, if you're a clickbank or a  Blue Moon Affiliate, you get 30% of the price of Affiliate Marketing Madezi  back in commissions! - (over $11 cashback for you!) 




Everything's always so much easier when you've got the knowledge ... 
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