Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is easy enough - but you DO have to know what you're doing! Many people don't realise it, but it takes a lot of hard work to produce a good income - watch video below for the facts.

Do not enter into Affiliate Marketing with the expectation of making a whole pile of money overnight - nothing is impossible - but it is very unlikely. Affiliate Marketing is a business - and you have to work hard on any business, online or offline, to make it grow - watch video below for some facts.

No - you don't have to have one - however, in my opinion it is advisable if you are serious about building your business. You need to get known by building your brand AND, most importantly, gaining trust! A well put together website, along with a structured Facebook Page enables you to do just that - and do take note that all the best Affiliates DO have websites! - watch video below for more information.

Yes you can - but it all depends on how much you can do yourself - and how much time you can spend doing it. Bear in mind that if you hit a stumbling block you may need help to solve the problem - which may cost you. If you've no, or very little, spare cash - then you must watch the video below to discover a brilliant way to do this - and sign up to keep in touch with us (it's free) - we often unearth some little gems that could really help you out!

No you don't (or shouldn't!) - as an Affiliate you are acting as a salesperson for the Vendor and when you sell their product(s) you will get paid affiliate commissions. Having said that, there are some Vendor's that will only accept you as an Affiliate if you purchase the product first. Remember also that, in order to sell any product you need to advertise it - and there could be a cost involved depending on where/how you choose to advertise.

Yes you can - you can sign up with as many companies / products you like - but do make sure the products are of good quality and value amd are all in the same niche so you don't give the impression that you're a "jack of all trades"! Of course, you can have more than one niche - but keep them seperate and whatever you do - don't combine email lists!

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