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from Ideas to Success Madezi

A "How To" Guide for the Beginner .... 
and anyone not getting the return from their Website or Affiliate Programs that 
they hoped for!

You've had an idea for your Internet business - you're enthusiastic, excited and can't wait to get your web site up and running and earning the "big bucks" that you keep hearing about.

You know you'll need some knowledge of what is involved and eagerly read everything you can lay your hands on, visualize what you want to achieve and feel you are ready to make your dream come true - but within a short time you hit a few snags and have no idea how to get round them. 

Disappointment starts to loom as you try to get your head round the fact that it's "... so easy to make money on the internet" ... but you're struggling to even get started!

You've signed up to a program that lured you with the fact that you'd be "... up and running and earning money in 10 minutes" ...  yet you've spent all day on it and haven't got anywhere  -  and you've certainly not earned a single bean!

You thought you'd just "... knock up a quick website and wait for the bucks to roll in" - you spend hours on it - and the next day you can't even find the work you did the day before and you swear your computer has eaten it!

You were all fired up to go - now you're rapidly thinking it's a bad idea ...  

STOP right there!

It's  NOT  a  bad  idea ...  

... all that's happened is that you, like hundreds of thousands of other people, have been sucked in by all the hype and nonsense - it's not your fault - you are not a failure - you simply got carried away in your enthusiasm to have an Internet business of your own.    

Hold that enthusiasm right there - or get it back if you've already "lost" it - and start at the only place TO start - at the very beginning!

from Ideas to Success  Madezi  will help you increase your knowledge and you'll discover

What you need to do in order to lay solid foundations for your Internet business
The reasons why you need to do specific tasks to take your idea to success
Tips on how you can effectively move your Internet business forward

You're probably thinking this is just another waste of time - after all, you've probably spent money buying loads of other information which has turned out to be absolutely useless and you're wondering if this book is going to be any better than the others that are now cluttering up your computer or gathering dust on your bookshelves.

I can tell you that it isn't the same - but then I'm biased I guess - so you're not going to believe that anyway! What you can do, if you haven't already, is read our special report called "7 Golden Secrets for Success Madezi" as that will give you a measure of the style of writing that you can expect in "from Ideas to Success Madezi"so you can judge for yourself if you think it's worth taking a look at.

by the way, you can download 7 Golden Secrets for Success Madezi right now - it's free!) 

Look at it this way

If you are a raw
Internet beginner and know nothing, or very little, about how to get started, or you are struggling with your existing business and are not getting the return you expected - then you  really have absolutely nothing to lose - and everything to gain!

Why do I say you have nothing to lose - even though you have to buy it?

Simple! - from Ideas to Success Madezi
is the first in a series of knowledge based books - the rest of the series takes each individual area and really goes to town on telling you about the 'How' and 'Why' of each sector of website building such as creating a website, finding your niche, automating your website, affiliate marketing etc.

All of these books are interactive and progressive and can build into a "reference library" to give you instant access to information straight from your own PC.  Alternatively, they can be used just on their own to cover the area that you need to gain more knowledge in.

I know you have to buy it - but
... there are two very good reasons why I still say you have nothing to lose...


Our  Affiliate Program even allows our affiliates to earn commissions on their OWN purchases - which means, if you were to join as an Affiliate, and then purchase this book through your OWN Affiliate Link - YOU would get a 30% commission on it - and of course, when you introduce it to other people you earn commission on those sales too!  (Sounding more tempting now?)  


All publications and software purchased from us ALWAYS carry a 100% Unconditional Guarantee for 60days - I don't think you can say fairer than that - so that's 60 days to evaluate from Ideas to Success Madezi  and if you don't think it's worth the money, you just fill in a simple form and we refund your payment in full.

(Note: In the event of a refund, any commissions given to you at time of your purchase will be deducted from your commission balance, or deducted from your refund if there is not enough commission balance to cover it.)


Still not convinced?   - Ok,  I'll  give you a quick recap on what you are actually getting for your money.

 from Ideas to Success Madezi  gives reasons for, and explains why, you need to take into account certain aspects of Internet business, including the all important criteria for the creation of your product and website from the very moment you decide to take your ideas to success.  It covers the basics of 

How to make sure your product idea is really wanted
How to turn your idea into your product

How to decide which format is best for your product

How to get your idea off the starting block and move it forward along the road to success
Reasons why you should not use a mirror site

3 vital reasons why you need to have your own website

4 ways to build your own website showing benefit and viability comparisons on the different methods

How to make your website's content speak volumes
The importance of having your own domain name
What to consider when marketing your product

As you can see from Ideas to Success Madezi   
is packed full of internet business information for the Internet beginner - and, not only that, it carries a

100% Unconditional  GUARANTEE 
  Valid for 60 days!

So if you learn nothing at all from this ebook - you get every cent of your money back and no questions asked!

and it's yours for a mere $27 !!

(Don't forget, if you sign up as a Blue Moon Affiliate, you get 30% of the price of  "from Ideas to Success Madezi"  back in commissions! - (that's $8.10 commission for you right away!)

As I said -
You have absolutely nothing to lose - and everything to gain! 


(and while you're downloading, if you haven't done so already, don't forget to get our free report "7 Golden Secrets for Success" - Enjoy!)


Everything's always so much easier when you've got the knowledge ... 
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