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Product Creation Madezi 

is a guide for anyone who wishes to produce their own product.
Why would you want to create your own product?

Why wouldn't you?

Think about it - would you rather be at the top or the bottom of the pecking order?

I know where I want to be! ...

... and the only way to make real money is to sell 

Your Own Product



If you are selling someone else's product, you will most likely receive a percentage of the selling price - of course this will vary depending on what you're selling and, indeed, the company you are selling it for, BUT -  if you are selling Your Own Product, every dollar of the selling price is yours!

Naturally, in the initial "creation" stage, it will take quite a lot of your time to actually create and design your product - and you will have to spend some cash promoting your product too.

Product Creation Madezi will show you how you build those costs into your product so, over a period of time you can re-coup all of your creation / design time and allow for advertising costs. 

Not only that,
Product Creation Madezi will also show you how you can get other people to sell your product for you! 

Starting to see those $$$$$'s flashing ???

Of course, nothing is as clear cut as it seems and, like everything you do in life, there are pitfalls which you need to be aware of. 

Believe it or Not ...

I was a beginner once too - and I'll tell you about the mistake I made - and it's one that most beginners make when they start- I explain how you can avoid it in 

Product Creation Madezi  
(being released soon)

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