3 Tips To Consider
Before You Commence Marketing

Attract Your Visitors

Keep your website clean, simple, professional, easily navigable and responsive.

Stay Current and Keep on Trend!

Whatever you're promoting make sure the product is actually wanted - and it's the latest version!

Out-of-date Information is a Killer!

Pay extreme attention to anything that has a "date" - either avoid using dates altogether or update regularly!

Choose A Category You Want To Find A Solution For

Remember - Great things in business are never done by one person - they’re done by a team!

How to build your list

List Building

Your list is your gold mine - and if you don't have a list - you have not got a business ...

How to get Traffic

Getting Traffic

Traffic is essential - but you can spend a fortune on getting it and never build a quality list ...

Marketing Methods

Marketing Methods

Marketing your business is crucial - but it's possibly the number one loss making activity online ...

How to attract visitors

Attracting Visitors

It only takes between 10 -20 seconds for a visitor to switch away from your website or offer ...

How to keep customers happy

Happy Customers

Do you know that it's far quicker and easier to loose a customer than it is to gain one ...

Building an Online Presence

ID Branding

Building and maintaining an online presence is essential to building trust with potential customers ...

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

The spoken word conveys your passion and emotion - the written word uses the readers emotions ...

Time Management

Time Management

Hugely successful businesses are not made by one person - it's a team effort ...

Copycats - v - Originality

Stay away from the crowd - Be unique, be cool, stay on trend and be current - but whatever you do, don't just blindly copy and paste content - stop and think and be creative - you need to STAND OUT from the crowd!

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Team Work

Great things can be achieved when working as a team - Why not join us and make use of our knowledge and resources.

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Loretta Dean

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David Richards

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Andrea Harman

Andrea Harman

Andrea Harman



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