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There is a diversity of opinion as to whether or not you actually need a website to earn a living on the net.

In our opinion, it is absolutely vital to your internet success to have your own website - and that applies to affiliate marketers too! 



Are you thinking there's no way on this earth that you could create your own website? 

Why NOT? - Do you think the very first web site was built by someone who knew exactly what they were doing?  

You do?  - 
So who taught him??

That's all very well, you might say, but how do I go about getting my own site?

This is where "Website Creation Madezi" 
steps in ...

Website Creation is for beginners - there's no hype, fluff or mystery - everything is explained and talked through just like our other books in the "Madezi" series. 

Don't feel daunted by what you may see as an enormous hurdle - we've all been there and got the tee-shirt! - just remember that your own mind builds your "hurdles" - and that's simply because you haven't got the knowledge of the subject at that particular time to put things into perspective.   You may not believe me right at this moment, but it really isn't that difficult. 

Of course, you could simply engage
the services of a Web Designer but, as with everything else in life, nothing is ever "simple".  

You cannot just say to a designer "build me a website" and then sit back and wait for it to happen!  You'll need to supply
your content, product images, specific fonts, colors ...  etc. - and that's half the work done towards your new website!

Website Creation Madezi is aimed at the beginner and is written in an easy to understand manner with directions and explanations.  As with all our books, it carries on normal 60 day money back guarantee - so you'll have nothing to lose - and, at the end of the day, you could very well acquire a new skill!

Website Creation Madezi  
is soon to be released 


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