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It doesn't matter whether you're planning to design your website from scratch, or via the use of templates - you will still need to know how to manage your design.
What constitutes a good web design?

In a nutshell, one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, has high quality relevant content, is quick to load and is easily navigable by your visitors.

Of course, this is quick to say - longer to do! - but it stands to reason that a well designed website will definitely score over a badly designed one any day.  

How will Website Design Madezi help you?

By explanation and demonstration.  Our "Madezi" publications are aimed at beginners, so we cover every aspect of Website Design from the blank page in front of you as you start - right through to the completed design.

This means you can expect explanations on

The fundamentals of design
Page layouts
How to create a header
How to create a logo
The content structure
The use of keywords
The use of color
Images and their formats
Navigation           ... and so much more 


Website Design Madezi is aimed at the beginner and is written in an easy to understand manner with directions and explanations.  As with all our books, it will carry our normal 60 day money back guarantee - so you'll have nothing to lose - and, at the end of the day, you could very well acquire a new skill!

Website Design Madezi  
is soon to be released 


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