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Marketing is Not  straightforward - neither is it 
Black & White! 

Solid marketing strategies are critical to your business - and you cannot avoid them - without marketing no-one will ever know you, or your products, exist!

What constitutes a great promotion?

Quick answer? - One that is appealing to the masses! 

Long answer? - It's far too lengthy to go into here - funnily enough, that's why we've written this book on it!

Seriously now, a great promotion is one that 

immediately catches the eye of the beholder
captures, and holds, the attention of the reader
compels the reader to find out more
achieves the desired effect

What's the formula?

Sadly, there isn't a "formula" as such - at least, not something solid like Einstein's E=mc2 formula!  

If the marketing concept was "formula" based, then you would simply be able to get a form and "fill in the blanks" - but it's not like that!

However, we have developed a "basis" of sorts that you can work with that is outlined in this book. 

How else will Website Marketing Strategies Madezi help me?

We give you c
lear, concise, straightforward information on various marketing methods, tactics and strategies that you could utilize in your marketing efforts.

This means you can expect to learn about

Irresistible headlines 
Power words 
Emotional triggers
Call to Action
Email marketing 
Classified advertising
Banner exchanges
Video Marketing
Pay Per Click advertising
Social and Networking sites     ... and much more 


Website Marketing Strategies Madezi is aimed at anyone who struggles with their advertising and promotion techniques.  

As with all our books, it's written in an easy to understand manner with, not only information, but also explanations and "how to ..." instructions - oh! - and of course, our normal 60 day money back guarantee.


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Remember Marketing is a core issue for your business - No Marketing = No Business - 
full stop!
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